Thank you for making our mortgage renewal so smooth! Great work!

Kris is an expert on purchasing and refinancing rental properties. If you have multiple rental properties or are looking to purchase rental properties Kris will find the appropriate lender for you.

Kris Krawiec offers phenomenal service by explaining all information that’s required from lenders. If you require a mortgage and usually use one of the big banks as your main method of acquiring funds, you should know that there is a better way because a mortgage broker like Kris offers spectacular convenience.

Kris is an excellent mortgage broker. Helping real estate investors broaden their real estate investor portolio is something he does well! Kris has access to lenders that allow dozens of properties and who also allow more rental income to be used than Big Banks, allowing properties to be self supporting from a debt to income standpoint. Keep up the great work, Kris!

Kris is professional, knowledgeable and adds a touch of humor to every situation. It’s nice working with someone who has your best interest at heart and adds a compassionate quality to all his interactions. Thanks for your continued dedication!

I’ve worked with Kris for over 7 years now and he has provided solutions to many of my clients when Bank’s let them down. Not only is he professional, he is very knowledgable, patient, reliable, very fast and works hard helping his clients achieve their dream home, and most important he is honest. Lower interest rates, fast & accurate approvals are just a few things to mention. His knowledge in the mortgage industry will surprise you but his care towards your financial well-being will forever resonate. I would highly recommend Kris to any one who is looking for mortgage or refinance their current one. If you want a mortgage broker that you can absolutely trust, choose Kris

Kris is an amazing mortgage broker! You can tell that Kris is passionate in what he does. He does it well, getting the best rate for his clients like us! He makes each step of the process quick and easy. Kris is professional, dedicated, knowledgeable, fast and hard working. He works in the best interest of his clients. I would highly recommend Kris to anyone who is looking for a mortgage broker that you can trust! Choose Kris , you will be glad you did!!!

Kris pays attention to detail and always follows through.
He is very professional and meets deadlines.
Thanks for always helping my clients with their financing needs.

Kris had worked very hard to get us a very good rate. He makes the process very easy and give to us stress free feeling. He provide high professional and honest service. We highly recommended Kris and like send Thank you so much for everything.

Andrew & Bozena

Committed, diligent and thorough. Kris got me a great rate on my mortgage and made the whole process seem effortless. I can not recommend Kris enough and will be retaining him again when I need to refinance.