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By partnering with experts related to the needs of your investors – including real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, insurance agents and contractors, to name a few – you can provide valuable information to your clients through this knowledge network you have created.

But it’s not enough to merely partner with just any expert – these professionals have to be experienced in the investor niche as well. And this is how you provide these clients with a one-stop shop for meeting all of their real estate investment needs.

 Added value can also be achieved if you belong to organizations that will offer you further insight into your real estate investor clients’ needs. If you join groups such as the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) or even a local Rental Owners and Managers Society (ROMS), you can provide a wealth of knowledge to your investor clients while, at the same time, setting yourself up for referrals from your new networking groups/ spheres of influence. While REIN can provide market insight and investing tips through years of experience, ROMS helps with credit checks for potential tenants, keeps you abreast of changes to the Residential Tenancy Act and other topics/ concerns faced by landlords.