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The next time you’re looking for a mortgage for that new house or you’re up for renewal on your existing mortgage, think about using a mortgage broker – their services are typically free and they offer you an abundance of choices the banks simply can’t compete with. The only time a fee is charged is during difficult and time-consuming credit situations – a time when using a mortgage broker is likely your only option.

I have access to a vast array of lenders – dozens of financial institutions, including big banks, credit unions and trust companies – which enables these professionals to negotiate the best possible mortgage products and rates on your behalf. In comparison, if you approach your bank with a mortgage request, they can only offer you a narrow choice – namely, their own products. 

Mortgage brokers do their homework on available mortgage products and keep themselves abreast of any new products, or changes to existing products, to ensure they find the best mortgage to fit your specific needs. 

Unlike the banks, mortgage brokers can also cater to self-employed borrowers as well as those who have suffered credit blemishes due to life experiences such as divorce or illness. Brokers will listen to your story, whereas the banks have a very narrow view of what fits into their financing box – and this is nonnegotiable. 

If you’re thinking of buying a home, I can find the best mortgage rate and term for your unique situation. And because we’re the number one mortgage brokerage in Canada – with more than 2,000 mortgage professionals spanning the country – we have access to wholesale versus retail rates (you often pay retail rates when negotiating your own mortgage). In 2011 alone, we will fund more than $11 billion in mortgage transactions.

Top Reasons for Using my Service:

  1. Choice – access to multiple financial institutions
  2. Costs – using a broker is usually free and they can negotiate lower rates for you
  3. Knowledge – brokers stay up-to-date on available products and services
  4. Flexibility – mortgage products are even available for the self-employed or those who have credit blemishes